Send us your briefing for the layout of your print advertisement.

In order to design your ad, and to ensure that it optimally meets your expectations, we would like to receive the following briefing from you. After completing the form, click the “download your briefing” button, and simply upload it to Adpoint.

For a quick guide to using the briefing tool, click here.

Step 1

Make a digtial sketch

1. On the left, choose the orientation that most closely reflects that of your ad (landscape, portrait or square).
2. Drag the necessary icons for logos and images into the advertisement field (please note: the images themselves must be uploaded into Adpoint).
3. Enter the required texts into the text fields.

4. Do you have any additional comments about the above sketch? (non-compulsory)

Step 2

Fill in the fields below as accurately as possible.

Select your font

Type the URL of your website here:

Define the colour scheme of your advertisement

Step 3

Download your briefing document and simply upload the document to Adpoint